Pharyngula Wiki

The Sage: The "holier-than-thou" who wags their finger at you for the heated discussion before leaving providing nothing of merit. Any insight they do give will be of the "both sides are equally bad" sort.

The Gibberer: Comments are rarely in response to anyone, the Gibberer often repeats themselves with a catch phrase or odd quote and is just there to spout as many short trollish comments as possible.

The Brick Wall: Acts like they want a discussion, but doesn't listen to anyone. The Brick Wall will often complain about people not taking them seriously or educating them.

The Parrot: Overlaps with the Brick Wall and repeats the same argument ad nauseam. They may agree to a point, but then clarify and state their point again as if nothing changed.

The Mister Kotter: Like their namesake's infinite supply of distant relatives to relay stories about, The Mister Kotter is filled with anecdotes that disprove every statistic or counter ever anecdote you have. All of their female friends agree with them btw.

The Honest: Shows up and calls people cunts or whores etc and tells them to die in a rape fire. Their honesty is appreciated.

The Cryptozoologist: "I have examples where this thing happened, I just can't ever seem to getting around to showing you them."
Alternative name==The Kanookaphile: "Oh you won't know my examples, they are in Canada with my girlfriend."

The Amnesiac: Overlaps with the Sage. The Amnesiac gives their take on the issue omitting or adding one detail that they should have known if they were paying at all attention. This troll shows up on every single thread on a news story where someone clearly has either not read the story or selectively is ignoring information. The Amnesiac will often continue their point even after someone has pointed out that their main premise is erroneous.

The Devil's Advocate: A template to add on many other trolls. The Devil's Advocate retreats from responsibility of their position with the hypothetical argument defense then attacks you for presuming their arguments reflected their personality.

The Mama Grizzly: (AKA the "I'm a feminist but..." or the tap dancer.) The Mama Grizzly isn't a feminist who disagrees on the issues, but someone who clearly doesn't understand at all and uses their identity as a woman as evidence that they understand the issue perfectly.

The Coilette: A man pretending to be a woman to use the Mama Grizzly strategy. Only really worth postulating when they start using the exact same language as another troll who just stopped posting.

The Christ: Overlaps with the Parrot. "Everyone is a feminazi who presumes all men are rapists and want to metaphorically or literally castrate males."

The Mind Fucker: Someone who, like a phone heavy breather, is disturbingly creepy and seemingly using the argument and discomfort they cause for personal gratification. Expect them to highlight with laser focus on anyone who admits to being a victim/survivor and start needling them.

The Brood Master: "We can only have equality when men have an equal say on abortion as women." Expect a long argument on them not understanding how their options are either to force abortion or pregnancy because of their implied veto power. Body autonomy is equivocated with finance or genetic ownership rights.

The Dodo: "The species will die out if..." Broadened this to also include people who insist a kinky sex life or the like cannot survive with treating women like people (it can.)

The Suspiciously Specific: Overlaps with the Mind Fucker. The Suspiciously Specific has an odd fixation on a topic that, as they continue to talk, seems to come closer and closer to home. They will declare victory if you call them out on creepiness

Child Hating Dad: Overlaps with the Brood Master. They either argue against child support or argue that they should have the right to financially abort if mothers can refuse to actually abort.

The Solomon: Named after the family from Third Rock From The Sun. Claims absolute ignorance of social norms and idioms and will argue for extreme benefit from the doubt in a way only justifiable if you just warp jumped.

The Joe Pesci: The Joe Pesci wants to argue. Anything you say, even if they actually seem to agree with it, will be argued and you will be a horrible insulting person for it. Anything you say can be jumped on for a semantic argument or for a fight with them having taken personal offense.

The Diva: "I am not a rapist! How dare you say I have privilege or am part of the problem!" Seemingly can't grasp the idea that if you aren't doing the wrong thing that's being discussed, the discussion isn't about you. But we are really the ones wrong... it is ALWAYS about them

The Moses: "Let my people go!" The Moses is here to cry "what about the menz" and argue for the horrors of reverse sexism or MGM or the like. Men are so put upon.

The Dingleberry Stalker: A troll that latches on to a particular regular poster to harass, potentially through multiple threads. I've seen at least a few of these around here.

The Puritan: Disqualifies and slut-shames any feminist who dares show a neck line, much less enjoy risque things or pose nude.

The Counselor: Acts like the topic is their client and they're a lawyer on Law and Order. Insists everyone keep to the ideal of "innocent until proven guilty in court of law," even when the topic is outside of the law.

The Phil Giordana: "You're all cowards for not using your real name...because you're afraid of the implicit threat I'm giving."

The Leisure Suit Larry: Just here to make sexist comments and innuendo at women and make passes at them. Probably overlaps with Mind Fucker.

The Crusader: Insistent that feminists are a cult/ideology/zealots and they're dealing with an irrational wave of dogma.

The Sisko: The Sisko is he who stands tall and proud in defiant of the mighty Borg Collective. He alone stands against the overmind and groupthought and echochamber that threatens to consume souls, convert good women into slutty feminazis, and water down beer.

The Decoy Duck: "Aren't there more important things than..."

@elevatorGATE: "constantly gathers up tweets into a little bundle and echoes them back repeatedly; it’s especially easy because when he does that, all of his targets get a little notification (I’ve had to set up my accounts to automatically trash all notifications because the noise is deafening and useless). Imagine dealing with a junior high snot who’s brilliant strategy for harassing you is to follow you around and repeat everything you say, over and over: that’s the brain of @elevatorGATE."[1]

The Sociopath: Dose not have a specific reason for anti-feminism, just dose.

The Misogynist: Hate women, for whatever reason.