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Atheism wiki is a wiki written from an atheist standpoint. Would you have guessed it with that name? The wiki is based on Wikia like Pharyngula and boasts 520 articles as of summer 2013. Atheism Wiki has more articles as Pharyngula Wiki but Atheism Wiki simply cannot defeat Pharyngula in entertainment value or Science.

  1. Will Pharyngula catch up?
  2. A competition could benefit both wikis.

Aims[edit | edit source]

The aims of Atheism Wiki are:

  1. Atheism Wiki gives the atheist standpoint, explaining the Scientific method and the like.
  2. Christians too often imagine that atheists are immoral monsters Atheism Wiki likes to show that’s false like other faith based positions.
  3. Religions are such goodly institutions, they can’t possibly do harm or can religion do harm? Atheism Wiki answers that question.
  4. Atheism Wiki complements other secular wikis and secular websites besides provides new material.

This includes articles that basically describe atheism and others that focus on the negative aspects of religion, specifically Christianity, although Judaism and Islam get decent coverage.

Atheism Wiki has a large category dealing with Ray Comfort though material about other Christian apologists is also welcome.

Activity and hope[edit | edit source]

Contributions range from deep philosophy through to fun material that suits visitors from gaming wikis with quite a bit in between.

Atheism Wiki would welcome more material catering for young teenagers teenagers with religious doubts or adults who grew up in the type of cult that discourage education. In some fundamentalist sects little is encouraged beyond elementary education. Believers learn little except the Bible and their sect's interpretation of religion but despite this some people break free of their cult.

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