Atheist movements need to adapt because society is changing rapidly. Aging white atheist men with graying hair can't expect atheist movements to consist only of others like themselves and atheist movements shouldn't cater only for the needs of traditional white atheists. Separation of church and state matters, promoting Science and fighting Pseudoscience also matter but different atheists have different priorities. Unless Atheist movements cater for younger atheists with varying priorities those movements will inevitably dwindle and get steadily more out of touch with the rest of society.

Atheist movements need to be flexible, science versus pseudoscience has a place, separation of church and state has a place but the hopes and aspirations and hopes of younger atheists, non-white atheists, women atheists also need a place. Those who want to fight for traditional goals like science and a secular state can succeed best if they have allies with different primary goals. [1]

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