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Christian fundamentalism means understanding science better than the top scientists in every important field.

The big bang[]

Physicists like Nobel Lauriat, Professor Steven Weinberg, [1] like Professor Stephen Hawking [2] “widely regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein” [1] and others whose first name isn’t necessarily Stephen some with and some without Nobel Prizes think God isn’t necessary to explain the origin of the universe. [3] [4] By contrast Christian fundamentalists know it’s absurd to think that nothing created everything, therefore god created the universe and nothing created god.

What intellectual brilliance does it take to know so confidently that you understand ordinary physics, particle physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology and many other difficult subjects better than the leading specialists in every field? And you also personally understand it all better than the Noble Committee? Actually all that only requires a modest IQ and ability to read the first few chapters of Genesis.


In view of their outstanding success in outpacing every theoretical physicist who contradicted the Bible in any way it should surprise nobody that no single evolutionary biologist from the time of Charles Darwin to the present has withstood the critical scrutiny of the least capable Christian fundamentalist. Dinosaurs must have co-existed with humans because errr... because fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible suggests that and the Bible must be true.

Apparently, the so-called freethoughts activists say we’re lying about the human-dino coexistence thing because we have yet to uncover a fossil of a human riding a dinosaur while holding a coelacanth that ate a starfish. Unless this fossil grouping is found, then atheists will claim the Bible is a book of lies and Christians who believe it are liars. Therefore, since freethoughts activists apparently never lie, and possess a perfect understanding of history, we can trust them over God’s word!


Evolution cannot possibly be true because no transitional fossils have ever been found. Indeed Christian fundamentalists are so sure of this they see no reason whatsoever to examine the evidence. Further to the above no extant example of a crocoduck has been observed or detected while extinct crocoducks remain absent from the fossil record as far as scientists can ascertain. Unless evidence of organisms like the non-existent crockoduck are discovered the theory of evolution is clearly faulty and there is no reason whatsoever to read the devilish writings of real evolutionary biologists in order to confirm this.

All subjects[]

  1. Christian fundamentalists understand that sound teachings of the bible lead to TRUTH and following their teachings leads to moral excellence. [6]
  2. By contrast the devilish way of Atheistic false science lead nowhere except to damnation. [7]


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