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A conservative wiki created by Andrew Schlafly in 2006, initially as an alternative to Wikipedia, which Schlafly derides for its liberal bias[1], preference for reliable sources[2], failure to disregard the father of Alice Liddel[3], and pictures of pretty windmills[4]. Political conservatism is not enough to be a true Conservapedia conservative. One also has to be a fundamentalist Christian, a Young Earth Creationist and a Biblical literalist. Among its projects is one to rewrite the Bible without the wimpy liberal bits. Schlafly and his syncopants accept the Bible as word-for-word literally true and dictated by God, except for those parts of which they do not approve. They see no contradiction between these two positions. Conservapedia is single-handedly responsible for demolishing all arguments against theism and returning the United States of America to the ample bosom of a loving god, with its game-changing exposé of PZ Myers as "fat".[5]

Lately the site has been tagging some of its articles as "satire", though in practice they tend to be indistinguishable from the usual screeds.

References to "Conservapedia" cause comments on Pharyngula to be caught in the spam filter, so don't do it. The approved workaround is to type it as "Conservapædia", which displays as Conservapædia. Of course more creative solutions are always encouraged.


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