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It is a True Fact that Myers wants to inflict pain upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross for all of our sins, the sins of PZ Myers included! How did PZ Myers show his gratitude for that sacrifice? Myers obtained a Roman Catholic Eucharist wafer and put a nail through it to try to inflict pain upon Jesus.


PZ desecrates pages from The God Delusion, the Quran, and also a goddamned frackin' cracker. Is nothing sacred?

Responding the assault and hyperbolic vitriol aimed at a student who attempted to carry a communion wafer back to his seat, PZ Myers offered to desecrate a wafer if someone would send him one, he did so along with a page of the Quran and a copy of The God Delusion. He put his plan into effect on July 24, 2008. Vitriol, misinformation, and threats were then aimed at Prof. Myers. The entire sequence is called "Crackergate."

The events were recounted in a short, 4-act play written in LOLspeak by commenter Owlmirror: "WAFERGATE" or "CEILING CATLOLIC IS WATCHING YOU MASTICATE".


  1. PZ Myers, the Devil’s Disciple! This hilarious website looks like a parody.

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