As a verb, to 'flounce' is to depart a discussion in a comments thread with a degree of theatre, generally declaring in so doing one of the following as reasons:

  • that the opposition's tone is unacceptable to one's delicate sensibilities
  • that the opposition is arguing like a buncha third graders, unlike the flouncer's much more refined and mature self
  • that the flouncer has work to do (and, by implication, the opposition are a buncha unemployed bums with nothing better to do than make the flouncer look stupid by, say, actually engaging their argument meaningfully, those jerks)

As a noun, a 'flounce' is the act of flouncing, as described above.

There is some noted variability in the ability of flouncers to remain flounced. Speculation as to the flouncer's ability to 'stick the flounce' is a common topic, post-flounce. It is the totally unfair and unwarranted observation of this author--as implied by the above set of reasons for flounces--that flouncing is a particularly common maneuver amongst tone trolls.

Flounces are generally rated much as is done in judging in figure skating, with separate scorings for technical and artistic merit.

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