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This is an attempt to gather material relating to the history and development of religion. Many of the books below may be downloaded for free on the internet; they are directly linked to the download page. Most are available on Project Gutenberg which provides the material in a large number of formats varying from HTML for reading on line, to kindle (.mobi) and as plain text (.txt). Some additional related material is included for interest.

Books (Free):

  1. "The Golden Bough" by Sir James George Frazer
  2. "The Five Stages of Greek Religion" by Gilbert Murray
  3. "Euripides and His Age" by Gilbert Murray
  4. "The Electra of Euripides" by Euripides (translation by Gilbert Murray)
  5. "The Legacy of Greece" by various (RW Livingstone-editor)
  6. "The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates" by Xenophon
  7. Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought by Pascal Boyer
  8. "The Iliad" - Homer
  9. "The Odyssey" - Homer
  10. "Homer and Classical Philology" - FW Nietzsche
  11. "The Religion of The Ancient Celts" - J.A. MaCulloch
  12. "An Account of Egypt" - Herodotus (English) (Greek)
  13. "The Will to Believe" -William James
  14. "The Varieties of Religious Experience" - William James
  15. "Pragmatism" - William James

Books (non-free):

  1. The History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
  2. The Mediterranean in the Ancient World by Fernand Braudel
  3. The Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth and Dramayth and Drama by Lord Raglan
  4. Mythology by Edith Hamilton
  5. The Greek Myths:1 by Robert Graves
  6. The Greek Myths:2 by Robert Graves
  7. Travelling Heroes: Greeks and Their Myths in the Epic Age of Homer by Robin Lane Fox
  8. The Hero of a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
  9. Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes  by Tamim Ansary

1. "History of Philosophy without any gaps" (Thanks to consciousness razor for link)
Direct link to Hellenistic Period


1. "Bring back the Greek gods" by Mary Lefkowitz

Other Links:

1. The Hero Pattern (based on Joseph Campbell)