Border cops' concerns are noted.[1]

The People's Republic of Pharyngula is, as its name suggests, an absolute monarchy ruled with autocratic power by King Paul Zachary I. The national coat of arms is blazoned as:

A cephalopod rampant on field azure, crowned or, supporters two goats on fire salient, pendent therefrom a Leica rangefinder proper, motto Cthulhu Et Mon Droit.

An alternative motto, which appears on the passport to the right, is Notator curae (dodgy Latin for "Your concern is noted").

Those wishing to be naturalized as citizens of the PRP must pass a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they are suitable. Immigration officials ask questions such as:

  • "Have you ever wondered why, if humans evolved from monkeys, there are still monkeys?"
  • "Do you believe that global warming is a scam cooked up by Al Gore, librul commie academics and the Chinese government?"
  • "Do you think that Obama and the UN are conspiring to establish a Marxist-Islamist-Liberal dictatorship and take your guns away?"
  • "Are you carrying any psychoactive substances of an illicit nature?" *pauses and looks around furtively* "If not, would you like some?"

Recreational troll hunts are led by the Order of the Molly, who are sworn to swear a lot.

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