Pete Rooke was a young, religious commenter at Pharyngula.

Rooke gained notoriety by making a series of disturbing analogies during Crackergate. He began by comparing the Eucharist to a book made out of the skin of a deceased loved one. His analogies then involved young ladies wearing mini-skirts being raped, collecting "lush locks of blonde hair" from a carcass to make a wig, and a milkman with a diseased mouth drinking from milk bottles. The reaction from most of the commenters were that Pete was a "sick fuck" with "unhealthy obsessions".

Rooke took part in Survivor:Pharyngula , a 'game show' where kooky commenters competed from being sent to the Dungeon. During the game he displayed an almost child-like innocence regarding sex, saying at one point that he "would never inflict oral sex on a women"[1]. This view of Rooke contrasted greatly the image of him as the writer of trully disgusting analogies. Rooke ended up surviving the games, but was banned shortly afterward for pissing off PZ at a bad time.

With the general amnesty for trolls extended to almost all the dungeon inhabitants after establishing FreethoughtBlogs, Rooke was free to participate again, which he did in October 2011.[2]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Here is an analogy you might understand. Suppose you had a very sacred book outlining your philosophy on life. This book also happened to be stitched together and bound in the skin and flesh of a loved one who had recently passed away.

Now desecrating the Eucharist would have the same effect as desecrating that book and posting the evidence in glee. [3]

  • OK since you don't get it I will try a different tack of a variation I constructed a few blog entries back.

Young ladies like to wear an item of clothing called a mini-skirt these days. The material is often sheer and by its definition does not even come close to covering the knee roll.(

Now if someone chooses to wear such an item it does not in the least bit make rape and sexual abuse permissible despite the fact that the odds increase exponentially. In both the eyes of the secular law and of my religion the assailants are still just as culpable. [4]

  • Suppose your are an embalmer. You are busy embalming a person for an open coffin ceremony and you decide to pilfer there lush locks of blonde hair for the construction of high class wigs (a business you have going on the side). [5]
  • OK, one last attempt to break through to you. Suppose you were a milkman with rotting teeth and cankerous lips. Before delivering each milk bottle you would take a swig and place it on the doorstep. [6]
  • I would never inflict oral sex on a women. [7]
  • Who among us would knowingly drink the semen from another? [8]
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