The Pharyngula Wiki is dedicated to documenting the trivialities of one of the worlds biggest assholes, PZ Fucking Myers, and his blog.

Poll: Is PZ Myers a despicable cunt?

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PZ Myers is rich white male and a cunt who is also a professor at some university in Minnesota: The racist state... and he has a blog.

He became popular for a while after Richard Dawkins - an evolutionary biologist whose work, unlike PZ's, is both ground breaking and revolutionary - mentioned his blog in a chapter in one of his many popular books. The fact that PZ is a despicable disgusting cunt of a human being escaped most atheists, who were too busy retard-clapping Dawkins for being leader of the world, and trying to feltch the last minuscule drop of his semen from PZ's anus in order to prove how much of a free-thinker they were.

Since these times, PZ has fallen out of favor with the online atheist community (R.I.P.) as it slowly realized he is a cunt. Not "our cunt", but just a cunt.

This wiki is mainly a historical resource as no one pays any attention to it anymore, as evidenced by the fact that I have been able to totally deface it without the slightest opposition, but you can still try trolling the assholes who contributed.

If you are a pissed-off cunt who is looking for information on PZ Myers so you can remove him from the gene pool, I can only recommend the following suggestions from PZ's commenteriat (made towards people who disagreed with them, of course):

  • Ensure your execution process involves the insertion of a porcupine-like object (no live animals, please; we can not allow suffering to innocent beings) such as a mace into PZ's rectal cavity.
  • If the sphincter is too small to allow insertion, try enlarging it with a rusty knife.
  • If the object still refuses to fit, try driving it home with a sledge hammer. Hit hard enough and it will fit - just use some earplugs to protect you from the screaming (unless you get off on this, of course).
  • Be sure to douse PZ in a flammable liquid and ignite it.
  • Do not allow PZ to expire prior to the full agony of all the above steps being experienced.
  • Even better, do not allow PZ to expire, but rather live with the experience.

100 internet points who anyone who achieves the above.

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