Piltdown Man, or The Hoax [interpolated comments by PM], is a recurring troll and nuisance, long since banned to the Dungeon, though he keeps evading the ban [Justice for Pilty! Free the Piltdown One!]. He is terminally Catholic, regarding Opus Dei to be a bunch of liberals, and seems to have done a fair amount of theological scholarship; however, said scholarship was done in vacuum, and relies on the ages-old presupposition that his beliefs are correct because they are religious and he believes them. In other words, he appears to be a fideist [False. I believe it is possible to demonstrate the existence of God by the exercise of human reason], though some suspect he is ultimately an absurdist [?].

He denies evolution but claims to be agnostic on the matter. He further believes that a return to a theocratic Catholic-agrarian society is in mankind's best interest. His grammar and spelling are far better than most trolls [Not to mention most posters on Pharyngula].

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