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You [Ray Comfort] are a liar, you are a conman, you are no better than a televangelist out scamming people out of money, you are a brilliant salesman, you know your audience very well and I do not believe for a second that you are actually that stupid whenever it comes to evolution. Jaclyn Glenn [1]

Ray Comfort is working to add yet more money to what he already has, Ray's yet another charlatan uneducated Christian evangelist fraud and pseudo Apologist, who makes money under the excuse of winning Souls for Jesus!

Ray as an intellectual powerhouse[]

How can we estimate Ray's intelligence?

  1. On the one hand Ray Comfort seems brainy persuasive, knowledgeable and rational when he’s persuading Christian fundamentalists to believe his way, evangelize his way, buy his products from Living Waters Publications and perhaps donate as well. Ray Comfort seems brainy is cunning when he works out just how to goad atheists into attacking his way of doing things, 'proving' to his flock that atheists are 'evil'. Then Christian fundamentalists feel they need to donate still more to support Ray Comfort in his stalwart battle against evolutionists, atheists etc. Ray, close family and Kirk Cameron earn an unholy amount of cash between them. [2]
  2. On the other hand Ray Comfort isn't brainy knowledgeable nor logical nor honest when anyone with half an education reads the material that he writes. He makes false claims about atheists and science including evolution, despite being corrected numerous times.  Indeed the shoddy intellectual content of material by Ray Comfort is one reason so many intelligent atheists are goaded into attacking him. [3]

Has Ray miscalculated goading atheists? Attacking Ray Comfort has become an Internet Meme and memes take on a life of their own. Memes grow, reproduce and adapt to their environment, Natural selection shapes memes to survive. Ray's renamed his own blog and promised to focus less on atheism but it may be too late for him to correct things. If Ray's blog becomes less favourable for the anti-Ray meme that meme will survive in better websites, like this one where Ray’s delete button and banhammer don’t reach. Thus the anti-Ray meme will adapt to thrive on atheist websites.

  1. Ray Comfort has become a laughing stock over Silliness with a Banana, a Freudian slip that can be interpreted as homo erotic, oral sex involving banana.  He also made slips in videos, saying 'pedophila makes people happy', 'rape is fun' and admitted that he would be in jail if he wasn't a Christian. He reacted to being called a bibliophile (lover of books), thinking it meant a cross between a Bible and a pedeophile. [4]
  2. Ray Comfort has become a laughing stock over Silliness with a Crocoduck
  3. Ray Comfort has lost his reputation for honesty as far as many of us are concerned. Ray released edited footage of people debating him and made it look as if he won. PZ asked Ray to release the unedited footage so we can see who really won. Ray makes impossible conditions. [5]

Ray and money[]

Jesus Himself has told us, in the Bible, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. (...) embrace His words, give up your wealth, follow Him, and feed His sheep. Take only what you need to survive, and use the rest to support God’s starving children. (...) Repent from your sins against God. You cannot serve two Masters. You must choose either the Lord and the One True God or your wallet.


Ray Comfort's Evolving Banana Lie is yet another website that shows up how truthful Ray is.  Ray contradicts himself and bans for 'libel' anyone that says he lies and/or that he does it for money. He acts as though he is above his 'Are You are Good Person Test' which condemns all humans as filthy, rotten, lying sinners off to burn in hell for eternity.  He insists he doesn't lie (which even a child would know is a lie to make such a claim).  He is desperate to keep his flock of sheople's ignorant so they keep buying his crappy merchandise, raking in millions each year in revenue.

Ray and newly evolved features[]

Ray and other Creationists use one specific unreasonable argument against evolution far too often. They call for a case of something new that evolved. PZ gives examples.

It’s infuriating. Here’s a single-celled organism that evolved two tails; “it’s still a single-celled organism.” Here’s a fish that evolved armor plating; “it’s still a fish.” Here’s a fruit fly that evolved a whole new mating signal; “it’s still a fruit fly.” Notice what’s common in every case: the conscious denial of what you just told them. It’s not just ignorance, it’s willful ignorance. .


There are very many examples, PZ gave a few but finding more is easy. Below is a good one from Atheism Wiki.

Evolving Peppered Moths[]

Peppered Moths rest on trees during daytime when insect eating birds are looking for prey. After the start of industry in polluted areas tree bark became darker and light coloured moths stood out. So birds could easily see the moths and many light coloured moths became breakfast, lunch and dinner for hungry birds. Therefore many light coloured moths didn't get to pass on their genes and a dark form of the Peppered Moth evolved that wasn’t caught and eaten so often.

Anyway we explain about the Peppered Moth, then our creationists say something like, “Look, they’ve still got wings and legs and bug eyes and other features like moths, they’re still moths”.

Ray as an evolved chimpanzee[]

Well we know some apes evolved to stand upright, those apes evolved big brains and other features that made them/us human. Ray and his cretinist creationist followers can’t understand this but we’re still apes. We’ve got hairy bodies, binocular vision, hands that can hold things and many other features that other apes and primates share with us.

When you see Ray Comfort and he denies that he is an ape, point out that by his “they’re still just X” argument, he has scapulae and hair follicles and a liver and jaws and an autonomic nervous system just like a chimp, and if he’s going to deny the evolved differences, he’s still just a chimpanzee. He’s still got a spine, just like a fish, so he’s still just a fish. And he’s bilaterally symmetric, just like a worm, so he’s still just a worm.


Ray insists he is not a primate (which is a classifcation that a creationist, Linneus introduced which still applies whether or not evolution is true).

How Ray brings Comfort[]

  1. Ray Comfort scares the sh*t out of people over hell like so many others.
  2. Ray Comfort encourages his followers to accept trials and tribulations in this life, warns them they will be damned otherwise. [8]

Ray as a fountain of truth[]

Ray Comfort is a compulsive liar. He loves to tell lies if he thinks he can “win” an argument. There is no lie too small not to tell if he thinks it gives him the upper hand in an apologetics conversation. Hypocritically, in his mind lying is a sin, ans sin sends you to hell; unless you lie about creationism then you get another jewel in your crown from baby Jesus.


PZ and Ray Comfort[]

PZ Myers thinks Ray Comfort is a fraud and an idiot, further a dishonest loon and doesn’t mind saying so. PZ has repeatedly demonstrated that Ray Comfort doesn’t understand the basics of evolutionary biology but Ray Comfort does understand how to get his hands on vast sums of money, for example for free printings of his propaganda. PZ thinks publishers who reprint Ray Comfort’s drivel are irresponsible.



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    1. Perhaps Ray Comfort has an unusual combination of talent and weakness.
    2. Perhaps Ray Comfort is an expert in concealing intelligence and at getting through to the largely unintelligent people who buy his products, also at getting to the intelligent people who like to shoot down his arguments.
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