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PZ Myers highlighted Cardinal Roger Mahony who repeatedly concealed crimes by priests against children meriting jail sentences. He noted how particular types of vulnerable children were targeted.[1]

Some lawyers have laid charges against the former pope for crimes against humanity over child abuse and other matters. PZ drew attention to this but believes others besides Benedict XVI should face charges. [2] [3] After retiring Benedict XVI imprisoned himself in a monastery within the Vatican City.

Were Benedict to leave the security of the Vatican City and return, say, to his beloved Regensburg, some might attempt to sue him with failing to handle properly the clerical abuse cases


There are many victims of priests permitted by Cardinal Ratzinger to stay in holy orders after their propensity to molest was known, and they would like to sue the ex-pope for damages for negligence. If he steps outside the Vatican, a court may rule that they have a case.


It's unlikely the law will catch up with Benny in that Vatican monastery and he will enjoy a more comfortable life than prisoners in state prisons usually get. [6]

The Roman Catholic Church generally[]

PZ doesn't care about the pope retiring and expected no improvement. [7] Pope Francis has certainly been good for public relations he's basically the same type of pope as before. [8]


The Roman Catholic Church is still employing known sexual predators without warning parishioners. Many people reported concerns about predatory pedophile priest, Curtis Wehmeyer but nothing was done till there were serious complaints. Wehmeyer was jailed for molesting two underage boys in 2011.

The St Paul/Minneapolis archdiocese had a “delegate for a safe environment” who actually wrote a letter concluding that he would “recommend against any disclosure in his workplace” — apparently, “safe environment” means safe for priests, because they did a remarkably good job covering for a nasty man who was exploiting the children of his parish.


Will parents ever be able to trust their children with Roman Catholic priests. [10]