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Predecessor meme to the Porcupine. Derives from a frequently mis-quoted post by Cath the Canberra Cook, on a thread concerning Bill Donohue’s rape apologetics:

Yeah, well, usually I'm 100% with the "no-one ever deserves to be raped" line. And also 100% opposed to torture. But rape and torture apologists really make that position hard to sustain. Fuck that shithead sideways with a rusty knife. (Umm, but only metaphorically. *Draws self heroically back from cliffedge*)

The line “Fuck that shithead sideways with a rusty knife.” was notably cherry-picked by the Tom Johnson sockpuppet collective on the Intersocktion shortly afterwards, omitting the comment directly following that stressed its metaphorical nature. The meme mutated rapidly, and one particular version of the same metaphorical insult was e-mailed by third parties to Sheril Kershenbaum, provoking another sock-puppet infested train-wreck.

  • John Kw*k version: Kw*k yourself sideways with a Leica M7 rangefinder
  • Porcupine version: Fuck yourself sideways with a decomposing porcupine