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This is a handy link dump put together by Caine for threads involving sexism, feminism, or rape topics. Hopefully, posting this to the beggining of every thread dealing with these topics will save us many keystrokes later when clueless commenters start arriving on the scene. We can reduce a lot of responses into one: “Have you read the links posted upthread?”

Note that this needs to be a multipart posting at Pharyngula, as only 5 links are allowed per post without triggering moderation.

Link Dump, to be posted in 4 parts[]

Part 1:

Explainer: What’s an MRA?

Rape Culture

Rape Culture 101

Excellent explanation of privilege

Part 2:

Nice Guy™ 101.

Schroedinger’s Rapist.

Meet the Predators

Predator Redux

Things Happen to Men Too

Part 3:


The Male Privilege Checklist

Intent is not magic

Straight Privilege Checklist

Rape Prevention Aimed At Rapists Works

Part 4: Social Justice and Economics

Social Justice Link Roundup

Implicit Bias (We All Haz It!)

Timeline of Harassment/Accusations in Atheoskeptisphere

part 5


“Default hypothesis” and “null hypothesis” aren’t synonyms. A default hypothesis is what you’re supposed to fall back on when a burden of proof for another hypothesis hasn’t been satisfied. The null hypothesis is a specific type of default hypothesis, specifically one stating that there is no relationship between the variables tested. - courtesy of Jadehawk.