Shrill and Strident is what a New Atheist is by definition. Note that it is entirely unimportant what they actually say, nor how they say it. The point is: they're shrill. Always saying terribly extreme, upsetting stuff like 'There's probably no god'. Sometimes even audibly. It's shocking. And there oughtta be a law, really.

Shrill and not shrill[edit | edit source]

  1. When Christians teach traditional Christian values that's worthwhile and dutiful.
    • When Christians teach aforementioned Christian values to children who are too young to think for themselves that's providing a sound religious upbringing.
  2. When Atheists teach atheist values that's shrill and strident and undermines good traditional society.
    • When Atheists show that their view is actually more reasonable than what believers think that's even shriller and even more strident because the believers can't answer what the atheists say.

And if the atheists are not shrill they're just disgusting. [1]

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