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The slimepit started as a series of threads on ERV which welcomed a handful of vocal misogynists, confessed trolls, and other lost souls. Slimepit trolls have invaded threads at other sites as well, including Butterflies and Wheels, Pharyngula, Furious Purpose, (not part of FreethoughtBlogs [1]) and Almost Diamonds. Most slimepit activity on ERV is contained on the thread "Periodic Table of Swearing," which has a function somewhat analogous to that of TET on Pharyngula.

After departing from ERV's blog, they created a forum for themselves, The Slymepit.

Some commenters regarded as personae non gratae at Pharyngula, preferably with links demonstrating why:

  • bluharmony [2][3][4][5][6][7]
  • cthellis
  • DavidByron
  • dustbubble
  • EvilYeti
  • Franc Hoggle / probably [8]
  • John C. Welch
  • John D
  • John Greg
  • Justicar [9]
  • Michael Kingsford Gray [10][11][12][13]
  • Munkhaus
  • Notung
  • 0verlord
  • Phil Giordana, FCD, aka Schroedinger's Dog [14][15]
  • Phyraxus
  • pornonimous / pornonymous / pornalysis
  • Prometheus
  • Rayshul
  • Rystefn
  • ScentedNectar
  • Spence
  • Tristan
  • TylerD