Stuart Pivar is the author of LifeCode: The Theory of Biological Self Organization, and a revised version, LifeCode: From egg to embryo by self-organization. He proposes a new theory of embryonic development: growth from toroidal shapes. PZ Myers, in his review, expressed sympathy for structuralist theories of evolution and development, like D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, with his book On Growth and Form. However, he found SP's theories to be nothing but hand-waving and pretty pictures that ignore actual embryonic development, with absurdities like limb pairs starting off as loops that split. He concluded: "This book is a description of the development and evolution of balloon animals."

SP's response to PZ Myers's negative reviews was to sue him for libel, asking for $15 million. Nearly two weeks later, however, he withdrew his suit.

Two years later, SP published On The Origin Of Form, Evolution by Self-Organization, and PZ concluded that it was more the same. SP sued biochemist Robert Hazen for interfering with his work by demanding the retraction of an endorsement, though as before, he soon withdrew his suit.

A year after that, he published "The origin of the vertebrate skeleton" in an obscure journal, The International Journal of Astrobiology. Yet more of the same. PZ suspects that that journal's editors were not very familiar with biology.

SP has also claimed that several notable scientists have endorsed his books, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Murray Gell-Mann. But NDGT withdrew his endorsement, and MGM denies having endorsed SP's books.

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