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Thank you, SQB, for the killfile. August 24, 2011 by 'Tis Himself

Is anyone else using Chrome? For the longest time, I couldn't get the killfile working - it would install, it would show "kill||hide comment" but kill just wouldn't work. Tonight I was inspired by the trolls to investigate, and it turns out you need a Greasemonkey emulator script to get it working.

For me, I just copy/pasted the source for the GM EMU into the killfile, then uninstalled/reinstalled the script. There might be a better way, but installing the GM EMU directly didn't seem to work. March 22 by A Wikia contributor

Killfile works in Chrome with the Tampermonkey extension. June 30 by Dysomniak

I downloaded the Tampermonkey extension, but that hasn't made a difference. Is there a "step 2"? July 9 by Oenotrian

Good grief. I had killfile installed, "kill" didn't work. I downloaded Tampermonkey, it wanted me to install the killfile. So I did.

Now, I have [kill] [hide comment] showing twice, and neither kill works. ::sigh:: July 9 by Oenotrian

Sorry to hear that. I don't know Chrome, but maybe it'd help to uninstall the original killfile, the one that's outside of Tampermonkey.
Otherwise, I don't know. Replies are likely to be slow around here. You might try asking for help on TET or TZT, or maybe the Tampermonkey developers have a help forum?
July 10 by Markovbaines