Terroja Lee "TJ" Kincaid, who thinks of himself as TheAmazingAtheist, is a jackass who posts on YouTube with a large following of similar jackasses. He has made rape threats against several women. PZ Myers reacted to some of these threats, saying:

The Amazing Atheist was a marginal contributor to the atheist movement. He had his fans, but notice that he wasn’t invited to atheist conventions, wasn’t involved with any atheist organizations, and while he seemed to think I was destined to attack him, it took this egregious tirade to catch my attention.

PZ [1]

Recently TheAmazingAtheist insulted the memory of a teenage girl driven to suicide and PZ again wrote why he has no respect for that jackass:

All you have to do is look at people like the Amazing Atheist to see that some atheists, people who are convinced that there is nothing beyond ourselves, that we are dependent entirely on our fellow human beings and nothing more, lack that humanity that is our only source of unity and our only true reason for living. Don’t be surprised that some of us want nothing to do with such sociopaths.


TAA shows us what type of person we as atheists should strive to avoid being.

In any case there are many entertaining atheists on YouTube who aren't jackassed the way TAA is. [3] [4]

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