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The Zombie Thread or TZT is the headquarters of resistance against the Evil Cephalopodic Overlord. The TZT Politburo is the vanguard which will topple the bureaucracy of the People's Republic of Pharyngula, and establish a glorious new Democratic People's Republic of Pharyngula. Certain Pharyngulites not sympathetic to the revolution regard TZT merely as a place for wrestling with trolls or arguments that most people aren't interested in. Some tiresome commenters are restricted to this thread and face banning if they comment in others.

Like the Endless Thread, it has iterations created by the ECO to keep the comments section from getting too long. There's a link to the current iteration in the sidebar, labeled "TZT: KILL IT WITH FIRE." This is obviously an act of aggression against the Politburo's sovereignty.

Origin[edit | edit source]

TZT began on a thread about Kent Hovind, in which the original conversation became totally derailed by trolls and general weirdness. PZ eventually killed the thread, and created a new, special purpose zombie thread, at the same time starting the tradition of posting a zombie Jesus graphic with each new thread.[1]

Development[edit | edit source]

The first threads were consisted mostly of messing around with fonts (including the democratization of Comic Sans), and combat between A. R. and the combined forces of theophontes, and chigaus. In the midst of this war, the LOLstar was developed to destroy the forces of resistance, though this was unsuccessful due to said resistance being lead by a tartigrade.[2] Eventually, the warring factions united to form the TZT Politburo, and organization which [thinks it] rules the thread to this day.[3]

Troll Quarantine[edit | edit source]


Flame War Thread[edit | edit source]

After a series of flame wars broke out on The Endless Thread, PZ designated TZT as the sole location for Pharyngula flamewars. This development lead to the development of TET-like characteristics within TZT.

The Great Renaming[edit | edit source]

In August 2012, there were new rules. The dungeon was back, and TZT renamed, to The Thunderdome.

Government[edit | edit source]

TZT is a totalitarian thread ruled by a merciless Politburo, whose will is enforced by the Military.

TZT Politburo[edit | edit source]

Consisting of the Supreme Tardigrade theophontes, chigau, and A. R., the Politburo [thinks it] rules the thread. Primary duties include drawing new trolls to the thread, and attempting to stage troll cage fights.

Military[edit | edit source]

TZT's military consists of the LOLstar and its associated LOLdestroyers, DOG-DOGs, and LOLtroopers. It is commanded by Field Marshall A. R.

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

TZT has two intelligence agencies, the Inquisitori (serving as a KGB-like organization), and the Praecursatori (a more GRU-like agency). Both have agents all over Pharyngula, Freethought Blogs, and Science Blogs.

References[edit | edit source]

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