(...) how can you claim that Catholicism or Scientology or Mormonism or Islam or Lutheranism or Black Hebrews are any more right than anyone else?

PZ [1]

Theology is the awe inspiring and impressive study of the marvelous and ineffable majesty of God! Theology is how believers divert money from useful departments of a college or university to studying the surreal and non-existent. [2][3]

Theology is the study of what believers imagine God is. Theology is also about the attributes and powers believers imagine God has. Most of theology has to be wrong because most religions have to be wrong, see How many gods?. The different religions contradict each other, sometimes different parts of the same religion contradict each other. How can all these contradictory ideas possibly be true simultaneously? As PZ showed in the quote above we have no way of telling which of the different theological claims is more likely to be true.

Is there any reason to believe any theology? Theologians might as well study the attributes and powers of the Most Exalted Flying Spaghetti Monster for all the good they do.

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  2. Certainly believing Christian sheep imagine theology is doing something important. That doesn't stop the tragedy. University funding that could go to for example researching cures for cancer is wasted on something that's relevant as researching, say the Knights of the Jedi and Star Wars.
  3. Theology – truly a naked emperor

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