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PZ asks that Pharyngula commenters voluntarily impose a three comment rule on themselves.[1] "Basically, if someone brand new to you shows up and says something annoying, don't jump down their throat right away. Give them a couple of chances to clarify first, and then if they're still painfully stupid, open fire with both barrels."[2]

How it works:

Stranger:1 I think all women are chattel.
Old hand: Pardon me, friend, but are you using humor, irony, sarcasm, or satire? Are you perhaps about to expand on a deeper philosophical point?
Stranger:2 No, I just think women are meant to serve my needs.
Old hand: This sounds like a most unfortunate and disagreeable belief. Why should you hold such a demeaning attitude?
Stranger:3 Because the Bible, which is the literal word of God, tells me so.
Old hand: [Smashes whiskey bottle over stranger's head. General brawl commences.]

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