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This is an experimental page. The idea is to create a field guide for trolls on Pharyngula, as some trolls are gone for months at a time. That way we can spot them when they reappear, and not feed them.

This watch list is for trolls that haven't been banned. Those that have been banned should be included in the Dungeon page. Those that are part of the Slimepit should also be listed there.

Vehement discussion is a core feature of Pharyngula, and even regulars can have heated arguments. In this spirit, this list is not for people holding views that are contrarian to someone else's opinion, after all, there are theists who have been awarded OMs. Occasionally, participants in a robust debate can show trollish behaviour in an issue secondary to the subject of discussion, and thus get banned, like this fellow advocating for a humanist chaplaincy getting banned over using another poster's real name [1].

A topic that never fails to attract trolls are topics that touch on feminist issues. On Pharyngula, they are also known as the MRA brigade or simply 'the menz'. There's a great deal of overlap to the denizens of the Slimepit, but nonetheless there are MRAs that do not dwell there.

The current series of "Why I am an atheist" is also bound to attract creationist trolls, but since godbotting is a bannable offence on Pharyngula, many trolls will not last too long.

MRA trolls[]

Creationist and other religious trolls[]

Woo-ist trolls[]

Tone trolls[]