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I’m Proxima Centauri here and on many other Wikis as well. I'm Proxima Centauri already on Fiction Wikia. I write science fiction there and I try and keep it fairly scientific.

I like cephalopods, I even wrote a story about cephalopods on another planet,

The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun


Calling someone an atheist shouldn't be offensive but the way Fox News say the a****** word it can sound insulting. Chris Rodda pointed out someone who prays 3 times a day isn't likely to be an atheist, you can read about it at No, Megyn Kelly, Mikey Weinstein Is NOT an Atheist. Afterwards many Pharyngulites hauled her over the coals for it, see What happened to This Week in Christian Nationalism?. Chris Rodda used to blog at FreethoughtBlogs but has now left.

PZ needs to learn, calling someone an atheist falsely IS defamation in American law providing there is negligence or bad intent and provided the person or entity is harmed. See Defamation from Cornell University and Actually, calling Mikey Weinstein an atheist IS Defamation!. Prejudice against Atheists in the USA is such that falsely calling a person or organization atheist harms the reputation of the person/organization.

I unintentionally misrepresented another person called Chris, I mistakenly wrote he helps PZ run Pharyngula despite the fact that this was demeaning to Chris Clarke, who was in fact a co-blogger and not a fucking assistant. I pointed out that I researched it but got out of date information, which answer was irrelevant to the misrepresentation I actually made. Still I got hauled over the coals for it, and I seem not to have learned anything in the process.

The Pharyngulites need to learn a little consistency, and I need to learn how to fucking listen when I am told I have insulted people who have done me no harm whatsoever.