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Walton's Lime Cheesecake

(Quantities are approximate and can be varied according to requirements.)

Ginger biscuits, half pack
Butter or margarine, 50g
Mascarpone, 250g
Icing sugar, 40g
One lime

1. Put the ginger biscuits in a plastic bag. Smash up the biscuits with a rolling-pin until reduced to crumbs.

2. Melt the butter in a saucepan on the hob.

3. Put the biscuit crumbs and the melted butter in a mixing bowl and stir them together.

4. Line the bottom of your cake tin with the mixture of butter and biscuit crumbs, forming the base.

5. Put the mascarpone and icing sugar in a mixing bowl and mix well with a wooden spoon, until smooth.

6. Using a grater, grate the zest from the lime into the bowl and mix it in with the mascarpone and sugar.

7. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl. Continue mixing.

8. When the mixture is smooth, transfer it into the cake tin and layer it on top of the base.

9. Leave the cheesecake in the fridge overnight to set.